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awesomeee 09-30-05 01:09
http://www.camerasyncro.com/macbidouille/chat.htm http://www.flickr.com/groups/transparentscreens

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srsly 06-21-05 21:14
i cant change my icon 04-13-05 17:34

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02-03-05 14:11
"umm, whats the - here let me switch places with you."

"i gotta pee, im gonna wait a minute."

"i dont know, thats not really the use of anon.."

"create another journal for political blogging"

"i think that qualifies as abuse"

"can you find out who it is?"

"It's just imagine..I mean, how many right wing people are on our site?"

"What are you gonna post about?"
*type type*

*leave for lunch*
02-03-05 14:16
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